No matter where you are in the world, the company JOB HOUSE UKRAINE will provide you with the most qualified and experienced staff in the field of engineering and construction works of any level and complexity!


Have you planned an expensive project?

Starting a large-scale and expensive project, each of you takes into account all the nuances of engineering and construction. We take the full and unconditional responsibility for those who will work for you. This is the only way to build a successful business relationship that will benefit all parties.

Do you have a burning timeline?

Thanks to our extensive and proven base of professionals of the highest qualification, you will not just commission the project in a predetermined period, but also receive rave reviews from customers.

Why asking us is more advantageous?

JOB HOUSE UKRAINE will provide you only with those employees, with whom it's cooperated for more than a year and full support during the whole period of work at your site. Our employees is our family and pride! Your benefit is our high quality work!

What does distinguish JOB HOUSE UKRAINE from the other companies on the market?

We take into account all the individual customer's requirements, before sending to you the specialists, we are making tests to determine the professional availability of engineers and construction professionals. We send you the results of testing to familiarize with the candidates and for final approval.

Advantages of cooperation

All specialists are officially employed by JOB HOUSE UKRAINE. We take care of all the obligations to pay wages and social benefits, in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine! To you specialists are sent in a business trip to carry out their work on a rotational basis. We take over all documentaries, contract, visa and immigration questions!

JOB HOUSE UKRAINE provides you the things that you will not find anywhere else!

We are the only Ukrainian company that is able to provide services of a high quality and to assume all the obligations of providing you with "ready" professionals. There is nothing impossible for us! There is no problem that we cannot accomplish! We do not have unresolved issues and unfinished tasks!

We carry an extensive range of all kinds of works, regardless of the complexity and duration of projects. We are indeed, the ones you are looking for! We are your fairy godmother in recruiting!)))




If you are reading this text, it means that you are looking for a competent and qualified professional. We have the one you need!



To relieve you from the complexity of searching and selection of staff to work on your projects, facilities, shops, private medical centers, hotels and so on. You can be sure - we will provide you with highly qualified personnel!


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